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SaaS Talk

Listen to the inside stories of SaaS leaders from all over the world! Get to know their growth trajectory and some intricate details into their day-to-day grind at the workplace. 

ABM and Field Marketing 101

with Nick Bennett

In this episode, Varun uncovers the world of Account Based Marketing in the SaaS space with industry veteran, Nick Bennett. 

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Tales from a marketer turned founder

with Jay Desai

In this episode, I spoke to Jay Desai, a marketing genius who launched Swpely, an online 'swipe file' that makes for better content organizing. Learn about Swpely's $0 marketing spend, their referral program, and more! 

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A sneak peek into Micro-SaaS

with Preetham Nath

Preetam, the founder of DelightChat talks about Micro-SaaS, getting started, going from 10-1000 customers, challenges associated with it and more!

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